The Crowder College Managerial Leadership Academy - A division of Training and Development Solutions - Joplin, Missouri

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The Managerial Leadership Academy provides "World Class" leadership training and continuing education for the Industrial, Manufacturing and Warehousing industries in southwest Missouri and the tri-state area. Our training focuses on leadership skills for Team Leads, Supervisors and Production Managers.

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"I didn't want to attend this training because I figured it would be a boring day of power point slides and useless lectures. Boy was I wrong! The three days went by quickly and I found myself totally engaged the whole time. I wanted more. I recommend this training whole-heartedly for anyone interested in being a top-notch supervisor or manager." Tomas - La-Z-Boy

We asked each trainee that has attended our leadership trainings over the past 24 months if they felt the time spent in this training was worth while and if they would recommend the training to others. 100% said "Yes".

 2022 - Fundamentals of Managerial Leadership 

The three day trainings are scheduled for January 25, 27, 28,  February 22, 24, 25 and March 15, 17 and 18.

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Day #1 - Why leadership matters, How leadership impacts productivity and profits, Why productivity and profits matter, Understanding people, perspective and reality. Organizational structure and responsibility. Defining leadership. Acting like a leader - the leadership first impression. Introduction to leadership strategy and style. Leadership as a process. NEW: Managing change.

Day #2 -Identifying leadership obstacles and challenges. Organizational skills. Basic people skills. Fundamentals of effective communications. 

Day #3 - Introduction to team building strategy, structure and style. Introduction to goal setting. Increasing the performance standard. Introduction to conflict management.



Managerial Leadership - Advanced Practicum

The three day training is scheduled for March 29, 21 and April 1st

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Day # 1: Advising, coaching and mentoring. Understanding policy, practice and applications employment law. Introduction to ethics and etiquette. NEW: Defining hostile work environment.

Day #2: Understanding profit, budgeting and productivity. Managing frustration and angry behaviors. Creating healthy and productive interpersonal relationships. Problem solving and critical thinking.

Day #3: Advanced applications of conflict management. Developing performance standards and influencing policy. Interacting with individuals that have disabilities. Personal crisis management.